Strategic Plan Development

Facilitation of Strategic Plan includes:

  • Two full day sessions
  • Management and key employees in attendance
  • Key deliverables out of session:
  • Three year Strategic Plan
  • Annual Business Plan Strategy (including Strategies and Tactics)
  • Investor Relations Strategy (if applicable)

Strategic Plan Deliverables

  • Core Purpose
  • Core Objective
  • Corporate Strategies
  • Industry Value Chain
  • SWOT
  • Competitive Roadmap
  • Key Business Development Opportunities
  • Product Portfolio
  • Key Target Segments
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Company 'Jewels'

Business Plan Deliverables

  • Organizational Infrastructure
  • Department Infrastructures
  • Department Strategies and Tactics
  • Sales and Distribution Channels
  • Operational and Business Processes
  • Marketing and Promotional Plan
  • Financial Delivery Targets
  • Compensation and Employee Rewards Plans

Business Plan Implementation

Business Plan Implementation and Acting CEO Responsibilities:

Many companies ask Ms. Jayne to stay on to help oversee the implementation of the department business plans, and/or come in as an interim Acting CEO or a period of time.

Work can include:

  • Training of all management employees to implement department plans
    (sales; IT; product development; sales, business development; engineering; HR, operations, etc.)
  • Instituting and leading weekly Team Meetings to ensure project progress and cross department communications; as well as conducting weekly one on one project status meetings with management
  • Working with controller and/or CFO to manage budget/meet all financial goals
  • Development of sales presentations and helping to make presentations to potential customers, key customers and/or deal prospects
  • Development of new products or line extensions
  • Oversight of operations, R&D, engineering and manufacturing
  • Selection of direct response, advertising, public relations and/or investor relations agencies (public companies only)
  • Interfacing with above agencies to get the desired results
  • Development of customer agreements
  • Interfacing with attorneys on all contracts, employee agreements and contract negotiations
  • Working with in house or outside HR consultant to development employee compensation plans (including separate sales comp plans)
  • Development of Investor Relations plan; selection of Investor Relations agency, and presentation to potential investors/shareholders (public companies only)
  • Spokesperson for company

Corporate Brand Development & Deliverables

Facilitation of Corporate Brand Development entails facilitation of a 2/3-day session.
Deliverables include finalization of:

  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Plan


Some of Ms. Jayne's most notable clients:

J.D. Power III; Orlans Group; Bank of Birmingham; Malibu Technologies; Stanislaw Consulting; Vasileff Medical Group; Comerica Bank; Specialized Marketing Services, Inc.; NAWBO-OC; Fetzer Wine; Korbel Champagne; Universal Electronics; Inc., Motorola; The Golf Channel; Ameritech; United Video (TV Guide) and Kellogg.